Civic Saturday

I now know others are also hoping to engage more with one another... that many people are feeling this deep need for communities and civil engagement - which is encouraging!
— Civic Saturday Attendee

What is Civic Saturday?

Civic Saturday is a gathering of friends and strangers in a common place to nurture a spirit of shared purpose. At the gathering we reflect and connect around the values and practices of being an active citizen, reckon with and reflect on our nation’s creed, and build civic fellowship to create new civic traditions that are joyful and communal. At Civic Saturday we gather, sing, share readings of American “civic scripture,” hear poetry, stories and a “civic sermon,” and reflect on how to rehumanize our politics in conversation with each other.


Scroll through the photos below for a glimpse into our time together in Prospect Park and Granite Falls, Minnesota!

Let’s keep the momentum going!

We’re happy to connect you to the resources needed to host a Civic Saturday in your community. Feel free to reach out at for details.

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